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Written at Thursday, May 14, 2009 | back to top

day after day time passed away .new stories created .some are good stories and the others are sad stories .

but, there are always love stories in each day .and just like the others stories, it has an end .

no body want a bad ending, everyone need a "happily ever after" ending .we try so hard to get everything we want, even we hurt someone's feeling to get it .chase the dreams, chase our love in every way we can .some of us maybe live this life patiently, and the others just race for something .something that we can't predict is it good or bad .someone ever told me that, love was made for coloring our days, to make our life become wonderful and great .but, what if love drive yourself, your life, and you can't control it anymore ?in fact, we fell in love a lot of time, but we can't get all of our love .sometimes, we have to let it fly and be free .you can't catch it and save it for yourself .love can't bloom in bad condition .maybe, it'll smile for a moment, but you'll see it die slowly .

when we can't get our love, some of us just give up and pray the best for her/him, some of us broken and hurt so much, some of us keep trying to get it even he/she has to hurt him/her-self .

which one you choose ?be patient and wait for the right guy, cause we believe that GOD willgive our true love or keep trying, push so hard to get it, sacrifice yourself for the love .that's maybe . not for permanent situation ?

young, talented, nice,pretty,snart,strong,and creative .

yes, we are !we have a wonderful, long life .why should we hurt our self and crying for a love ? for a boy or girl ? in faith we know that we'll get everything that we need not we want .maybe, you've do anything to get your love and maybe, you've sacrifice so much for it, but, you know what, if that's not the best in your life . GOD won't give it to you .useless .why can't we wait and see .be more calm and look for the best gift in our life .GOD created love to coloring our days, to make our life easier, not to crush your life into a pieces of nothing .and . we don't life just for love .we've a thousand dreams that will come true .and maybe, one of the dream is about our true prince charming !

come on girl, live your life .face the truth .enjoy it ! don't push yourself too hard .it's not that bad to wait and see .to be single and free .just wait .i believe, your prince charming will come . he maybe just a little bit to late .but you know, you have your friends who will always accompany you .

one more, a hope may comes true in faith . a pray may comes true by your action . but, your PRAY won't come true if you keep hurt yourself and make your life useless .GOD gave you life to be enjoy, gave you body for you to take care . HE won't forgive if you let it all become useless, nothing, and broken .

keep trying and never give up maybe a good sentence .but, how about .
live your life with smile and enjoy everyday even though you can't get your love ?
hahahahaha .i choose the sentence number 2 .maybe i can't get my love right now,
but someday, i know, my true love will come C:

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