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Hai lelaki, jika seorang wanita menangis karenamu,...
I'm really hurt
for you, boy.
goodbye my love
Do not regret for what u have done because there i...
the day before
ciri orang yang mencintai km.
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Once Upon A Fairy Tale
Written at Wednesday, April 21, 2010 | back to top

Once upon a fairy tale
Was a girl we all know well
A princess only dreaming of
The hope of finding her true love

She searched the land but couldn't find
The true love that she had in mind
She tried to find him everyday
Till her hopes all washed away

She sat upon her empty throne
Thinking that she'd be alone
Everything in life felt wrong
Until one day he came along

Prince Charming was this prince's name
And her lover he became
She finally found her one true love
The one that she'd been dreaming of

Finally everything felt alright
She had a prince to hold each night
Someone to sit by on her throne
No longer was this girl alone

But then on one awful day
He found Snow White and went away
On a horse they waved goodbye
This princess was left to cry

She knew she'd have to live without
The prince she cared so much about
Goodbye to love and all the laughter
Goodbye to happy ever after