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easy to say hello. hard to say goodbye
so yesterday.
miss you DAMN MUCH !
best in me


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I love everything you hate about yourself
Written at Sunday, March 21, 2010 | back to top

I never knew that I will fall for you
Enjoying every single minute I spend with you
You're always showering me with bunch of smiles
Although sometimes I shed tears
But I know it's only about time to forget you

Promise to myself
If today is going to rain, I would have stayed
And keep my heart locked to yours
But time tells faster than I think
Is not raining at all, and I gotta leave

Letting someone you love, loves someone else
Isn't as hard as what others might think
But the pain you have in your heart
Is something that couldn't be explained with words

Capturing happiness being with you
Laughing and just simply being myself
Several reasons I am completely falling for you
With your smile curves on your lips
My heart smiles

But you are just way too far away to be
With someone else is in your heart
And let yourself hurt again one more time
What I'm supposed to do? You won't listen to me
Giving your whole heart to someone who doesn't even think that you're exist

When I know you care about me, I'm pleased
Or even just asking some simple questions about me
Doesn't even care how much you love someone else
I just care how you're being nice to me
And telling me with some of your stupid jokes

One thing I hate about you is the way you keep insulting yourself
Or the way you keep complaining about the weakness of you
Cause to me, you are simply adorable and nice creature
With that smooth smile & voice, you're just too perfect to be
One more thing, I love everything you hate about yourself